What is RG Journal?

A journal focusing on mental and emotional wellbeing, based on the things I have learned and the techniques I have acquired along my path in working towards finding my place in the world, and simply feeling like it is OK to be here.

Having struggled from the age of eight with anxiety, and subsequently experiencing the crippling and frightening symptoms of depersonalization/derealization disorder, I have gained a wealth of insight into these conditions and have adopted strategies for living with them, and would like to share them with you here.

Come to RG Journal for guidance on how to combine nutrition/nourishment, exercise, breathing techniques and spiritual philosophies to reconnect to your body and emotions, and to understand what your ailments and symptoms are trying to communicate to you.

I talk about my own struggles and experiences in life, in the hope that this will reassure others who feel alone in their experiences, as well as suggest tools and coping strategies that have worked for me, in the hope that maybe they will work for you, too.

If you are receiving medical help with your condition/s, whatever that may be, the advice and guidance I give is not intended to invalidate or override that. I intend for you to combine the tips I provide with the medical treatment you are receiving.

Unfortunately, medical science often overlooks the emotional components of illness, whether mental or physical, so here I intend to pick up where mainstream medicine falls short. I look at both the physical and spiritual importance of nutrition, exercise and breathing, and how the mind, emotions and body are inextricably linked.

Areas of Focus

Particular areas of interest for me and topics that I discuss frequently are depersonalization/derealization disorder and anxiety, but I also focus on achieving general mental and emotional health from both a medical and spiritual perspective. RG Journal is a safe place for those suffering from these, and other frightening mental/emotional conditions, to find comfort and a sense of community.

My belief is that all ailments, whether physical, mental or emotional, are simply the way our body communicates to us that something about our lifestyle, beliefs or self-treatment is wrong, we just need to learn to listen and adjust our lifestyle accordingly.

My main focus is to help you get back ‘into’ your body – that is, to reconnect to your body, learn to understand the language of your emotions and take notice of the emotional and physical responses you have to certain people, places and things. By achieving this, you will come to understand yourself, and will subsequently make better decisions for yourself and your life that are more conducive to peace and happiness. When we are in tune with ourselves and learn to listen to our bodies, our ailments dissipate because there is no need for our bodies and minds to alert us to problems in this way.

My Strategies

In my own life, I have employed regular fitness and exercise, correct breathing, nutrition and nourishment to reconnect and ground myself in my body. Of course, there are many other factors that contribute to achieving mental health, but I view these as the core, primal foundation for the road to wellbeing. When we employ these tools to reconnect to our body, we have a solid base from which to progress and approach other personal issues when they arise. It is difficult to help yourself or to make choices that are in your best interest if you can’t feel yourself and don’t understand yourself to begin with.

The overall goal is to guide you back to yourself and to help you connect to yourself to such a degree that you no longer need to look here or anywhere else for guidance, but will instead be guided by your own body and emotions.

Please look to my blog for regular posts on the importance of exercise, nutrition and breathing, among other things, and how you can apply these to your own life. Some of the things I discuss are science-based, and others are veering towards the spiritual. Take what feels right for you and leave the rest.

For those of you who are really in despair, I know you probably want a quick fix and are wondering how something as simple as exercising, eating well or breathing properly could help you, but these are at the core of everything. They are so important. Please, please have a read and try to apply some of the tools I suggest. It isn’t like waving a magic wand, and it doesn’t work overnight, but it does work.

Welcome to your new safe space! Check back in for updates, insight and guidance, and follow my Instagram where I regularly share my thoughts on all these topics, as well as manifestation and much more.