About Us


I have struggled with anxiety from the age of eight, and from the age of 13, I have suffered from the symptoms of depersonalization/derealization disorder. I'm 27 now and want to use RG Journal as a platform to share my thoughts and insights on these conditions and mental health in general.

There is still limited understanding of these conditions (DP & DR in particular), so I want this to be a place where I can share my perspective with you, and help ease your loneliness and fear as you find your way out of the woods.

This is what I was looking for in my younger years but couldn't find, as there was so little information available - it just wasn't talked about.

I want this to be a place for you to come to find the answers to all your questions, and reassurance in knowing that someone else in the world has experienced exactly what you have.


My blog focuses primarily on the tools I have acquired along my path in reconnecting to my body and understanding what my anxiety and symptoms of DP/DR are trying to tell me.

Although my experiences and biggest interests are related to anxiety and DP/DR, the advice and guidance I provide can be applied to help with any emotional or mental health conditions, so please don't feel excluded if you don't fit into those two categories!

If you suffer from DP/DR, or are interested in learning about it, look to the page titled "Depersonalization & Derealization" for information on the known causes and treatments for this disorder.

Look to my blog posts under the "Depersonalization/Derealization" category for further information on my experiences with this condition, and ways to minimize the symptoms for a better quality of life, as well as my insights on the spiritual meaning of this disorder and what it is trying to tell you about yourself.

I post regularly on this topic simply discussing how I approach each day and what steps I take to manage my symptoms, so for those of you who feel frightened and completely alone with this condition, I hope this will provide you with a sense of community.

Core Focus

Helping you get back into your body and feel your emotions, to better understand what your conditions are trying to tell you.

I do this with:


  • The importance of the breath in centring the self, regulating the brain waves, and settling into the body. The influence our breathing has on posture and vice-versa.
  • What our breathing pattern and posture tells about how we feel about the world and ourselves.
  • How flawed breathing patterns both lead to and fuel states of anxiety and feeling 'spaced out' or dreamlike.

See blog posts under "Breathing" for much more, or click here.


  • The influence our diet has on our brainwaves and moods.
  • Eating foods close to the source.
  • Healing the emotional body with foods of certain colours, corresponding to the seven chakras.
  • Becoming aware of how the food we eat makes us feel. (A focus on nourishment. That is, not always focusing on what is 'healthy', but more of a focus on what we really need in an emotional sense - what makes us feel good. This might mean consuming foods that are typically thought of as unhealthy, but it might be what is best for our emotional body at this point in time.)

See my blog posts under "Nutrition and Mental Health" for more, or click here.


  • The importance of moving the body in order to reconnect to it - 'feeling' which parts of the physical need attention.
  • Clearing the mind to connect to the emotions.
  • Regulating the hormones.
  • Regulating the breathing pattern and opening the lungs to ground the self.
  • Regulating the appetite, learning to listen to what our body really wants and needs in terms of nutrition.
  • Sensing which type of exercise is best for you, depending on the severity of your emotional state - gentle or vigorous.
  • Stretches to release tension and worry, and trauma or fears that have been stored in the physical body.
  • Stretches to target the chakras, particularly the root chakra for those prone to worry and anxiety.

See my blog posts categorised "Exercise & Mental Health" for more, or click here.